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The First Ceremony of Mother Foundation in East Azerbaijan Province

نکوداشت آذربایجان شرقی

The first ceremony of Mother Foundation was held on December 5, 2018 to honor 14 distinguished mothers of East Azerbaijan Province.
In the beginning of the ceremony the Friday Prayer leader in Tabriz, Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Ali Al-Hashemh said if a mother prays, the sin of a man is forgiven, so that, we must appreciate the moments of a mother’s life at any moment and we must treat the parents with respect.
Dr. Roghayeh Sadeghzadeh, the director general for women and family affairs in East Azerbaijan gave a lecture about the role of mother. “Mother has a high status in all cultures and all human societies and has a special place in Iran.” She said. She also mentioned that child rearing is the most valuable role of a mother.
The founder & CEO of Mother Foundation, Gholamreza Mohammadi also gave a lecture about the role of mother and said: “After three years of consulting with friends and thinkers and according to Prophet Mohammad saying that “Paradise lies under the feet of your mother”, I decided to establish mother foundation to glorify the high position of my mother and all mothers of my country”.
Mr. Mohammadi also said that the mission of mother foundation is to familiarize society, especially the young individuals with the concept of motherhood, with an emphasis on the cultural and social values of motherhood and defining the importance of mother’s role in the society.

At the end of the ceremony, 14 distinguished mothers were honored.

1- Mrs. Omol-Banin Ebrahimpour
2- Mrs. Soudabeh Davaran
3- Mrs. Akram Dizmari
4- Mrs. Afkham Rasekhi Azmi Sabet
5- Mrs. Sima Shafaiee
6- Mrs. Khadijeh Alipour
7- Mrs. Hakimeh Ghafouri
8- Mrs. Kefayat Farajzadeh
9- Mrs. Noubar Ghadimi Moghadam
10- Mrs. Iran Mohammadi
11- Mrs. Akram Mohammadian
12- Mrs. Mansoureh Mohammadian
13- Mrs. Maria Mohajeran
14- Mrs. Fatemeh Harischian

Feb 16, 2019
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