Charter of Mother Foundation

1. Mother Foundation is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) and is not affiliated with any organization, political party, or interest groups. No political activity is permitted or encouraged.
2. Discrimination based on color, race, ethnicity, language, belief, sexual orientation, or religion is prohibited by Mother Foundation.

Missions of Mother Foundation

Familiarize society, especially young individuals with the concept of motherhood, with an emphasis on the cultural and social values of motherhood as God’s sacred creation. Read more...
بنیانگذار بنیاد مادر

The Founder & CEO of Mother Foundation

Gholamreza Mohammadi

• Managing large civil engineering projects in Iran and abroad with more than 40 years of administrative experiences
• The founder, CEO & chairman of the board of directors of Ghods Azad Company
• Selected as the distinguished benefactor in 2010
• One of the first founders and member of the board of trustees of Fars Heart Foundation
• Member of the board of directors of Kowsar Heart Hospital
• Selected as the distinguished civil engineer of Fars Province in 2009
• CEO & the member of the board of trustees of the Elites of Medical Sciences Foundation of Fars Province
• The founder of charity of Haj Hossein Mohammadi in Fars Province
• Member of the board of trustees of Amir Hospital


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