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The First Ceremony of Mother Foundation in Fasa County

The first ceremony of distinguished mothers in Fasa County was held on August 14, 2019 in the hall of Fasa University of Medical Sciences to honor 11 distinguished mothers of Fasa County in Fars province.

نخستین آیین نکوداشت مادران نمونه شهرستان فسا

The chairman of board of directors of Mother Foundation declared that the team of Mother Foundation has come to Fasa city to honor 11 distinguished mothers of Fasa county.
“This is a historic event for Fasa city and I hope the authorities of this city continue this path for years to come” he said.
He also mentioned the criteria of Mother Foundation for selecting the world’s distinguished mother:
1- A distinguished Mother must have been a good child for her parents.
2- A distinguished Mother must have been a good spouse, loyal, kind, empathetic, partner and be a true companion for her husband.
3- A distinguished Mother must have carried out her duties efficiently towards her children, especially in terms of educational, spiritual, social and taking responsibilities.
4- A distinguished Mother who lives anywhere in the world must have been a good citizen, well-behaved and be a role model for others.
5- A distinguished Mother in her personal/family/social life must have done something special and had a positive impact on society.
The governor of Fasa country, Soleiman Karami declared that the role of a mother in a family is like a bridge on a roaring river that other members of the family can pass safely.
At the end of the ceremony, 11 distinguished mothers were honored among audience enthusiasm.
List of 11 distinguished Mothers Fasa county:
1- Mrs. Esmat Taghavi
2- Mrs. Melki Jamali
3- Mrs. Ozra Khosravani
4- Mrs. Soheila Ranjbar
5- Mrs. Zahra Bibi Sayar
6- Mrs. Roghayeh Sadeghi Seshdeh
7- Mrs. Hosna Abbaszadeh
8- Mrs. Pouran Ghasemian
9- Mrs. Goli Ghanbari Mazidi
10- Mrs. Zeynab Bagom Abbasi
11- Mrs. Sakineh Yazdanpanah

Oct 8, 2019
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