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Message of Iranian mothers reaches 100 countries

Shiraz, IRNA – The founder of Mother International Cultural Foundation Gholamreza Mohammadi said on Monday that ‌the message and view of the Iranian nation to the sanctity of the mother and the role of mothers in building an ideal society in the form of a declaration, emblem, and charter of this NGO has been registered in 100 countries.



In an interview with IRNA, Mohammadi said that the goals, charter, and criteria used by the foundation for the selection of exemplary mothers have been translated into 30 living languages.

Following these efforts, which bore fruit after three years, Mother International Cultural Foundation has been allowed to operate in various countries, including the European Union, China, Russia, Britain, the United States, Canada, the African Union, and other countries, he said.

"Familiarizing the society, especially the young generation, with the high position and role of the mother and promoting and recreating the sacred values of this masterpiece of creation from different family, social and cultural aspects is one of the goals of this foundation," he noted.

"We try to remind the responsibilities of human society, especially children, towards the valuable rights of mothers."

He emphasized that Mother Foundation is an international cultural foundation that is 100% non-governmental and is not affiliated with any organ, institution, party or group, in which any political activity is prohibited.

Referring to the future plan of the foundation for selecting exemplary mothers from among Iranian ethnicities and religions, Mohammadi said that any discrimination as of language, color, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief, and religion is prohibited in the Mother Foundation.

He also said that Mother International Cultural Foundation intends to hold the first ceremony of selecting the mothers who are messengers of peace and friendship after the improvement of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Mother International Cultural Foundation was established in Shiraz in 2014, one of the goals of which is to appreciate exemplary mothers. It is an international cultural institution that pursues seven activities and goals as a non-governmental organization. Promoting and re-creating the sacred values of the mother from a family, social and cultural perspective, explaining the role of mothers in building an ideal society, highlighting the responsibilities of society, especially children, towards mothers' rights, teaching young women the serious responsibilities towards children and their mutual behavior towards each other.

Source : IRNA


Jul 6, 2021
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