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Common Mistakes in Parenting


Parents usually do not want to make mistakes. Often, parents trust only their "parenting instinct" and do not try to get help with common parenting issues and problems. Unfortunately, many of us do not instinctively know what to do in every situation we face as parents, and we can all make mistakes from time to time. Here are some common parenting mistakes:
1) Lack of effort to solve problems: Many parents live with despair for months or years because they think some problems are not solvable or give in. Some of these problems include fighting at bedtime, waking up frequently at night, or enduring children's behavioral problems.
2) Ignoring the importance of play: Most parents feel that they have to enroll their children in formal classes to teach them how to behave, but this does not matter much. Free play is the best tool for nurturing a child's brain. At play, children naturally challenge and adequately themselves. Because these challenges are designed by the child, their difficulty and ease are appropriate.
3) Having unrealistic expectations: Expectations should be realistic and consistent with the stages of the child's physical and cognitive development.
4) Inconsistency and contradictory behaviors: Stability is the key to success in dealing with young children. When you are not consistent in enforcing the rules, the child becomes confused and may engage in more inappropriate behavior or be bitter at times. If you are very strict at times, but at other times you give in or do not care about your child's work and are not assertive, they will not learn the right behavior.
5) No rules or restrictions: Some parents always act according to children's wishes and allow them to do anything. But living without restrictions is difficult for children. Having rules, setting limits, fixed daily schedules, and providing limited options help children anticipate their daily schedule.
6) Arguing: Instead of confrontation, fights or stubbornness, you can end negative behaviors by learning more effective techniques. Shouting and fighting encourages negative behaviors.
7) Not paying attention to children for good behavior: One of the common mistakes of parents in raising children is not paying attention to children for good behavior. So many parents make the mistake of nagging, moaning and criticizing, and then when their children are doing the right thing, they do not say anything because they expect them to do so. When a child does something positive, pay and reward him with good behavior. The reward for a child's positive behavior and performance can be praise and admiration or hugging and kissing the child. These types of incentives will have a long-term effect.

Gathered by: Sarah Masoumi, Educational Psychologist

Jul 13, 2021
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