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How do we know if we have postpartum depression?

Any woman who has just given birth can suffer from depression. If you have previously experienced depression or other mood disorders, you may be at risk for depression during or after pregnancy if you experience other stressful events in addition to pregnancy and lack support from family and friends. If postpartum depression is not treated, it can have adverse effects on parenting and quality of life, depriving you of the pleasure of being with your baby and having a beautiful sense of motherhood.

postpartum depression

If you feel tired, empty, or unhappy for more than 2 weeks during or after pregnancy, seek help. If you often experience the following symptoms, try to see a specialist to prevent them from progressing:
• Feeling worthless or guilty
• Worrying about not being a good mother
• Changed sleep pattern (insomnia or excessive sleep)
• Lack of interest in things you were previously interested in


Jul 25, 2021
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