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Characteristics of a good mother

Mothers are considered as the most effective person in establishing peace and intimacy in the family and have a great role in raising children, and on the other hand, children feel more intimacy with their mother. In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of a good mother.



• Has unconditional love: Children who receive love and attention from their mother perform better in society and in their relationships.

• Pays attention to the safety and security of her child: A good mother provides a safe environment for her child to grow and prosper. A calm environment without fear and anxiety that the child can live comfortably and without worries and stress.

• Does not criticize herself: A good mother never compares herself to other mothers, because no two mothers are ever alike.

• Takes care of herself and makes time for herself: Self-care is an important part of being a mother. A mother who does not take care of herself cannot take care of her children.

• Communicates with her child: Talking to the child and making time for him or her reinforces a sense of security and importance. One of the characteristics of a good mother is that she plays with her child for a few hours a day.

• Loves her child as he is: Sometimes our child does not live up to our expectations. A good mother loves and accepts her child, regardless of any disability.

• Is a good example: As children grow up, they copy and learn everything from their parents. Show them how to behave, be the role model that your children need.

• Is always respectful: If you want your child to respect you, you have to respect him in return. When you shout at your child and always address him with bad words, you should not expect him to use the right words to communicate with you.

• Do not forget forgiveness and patience: Your children make mistakes. You have to forgive them when they make a mistake and be patient. They are always learning. After discipline and punishment, you should forgive them with hugs and kisses. Excessive violence and punishment scares children of repeating mistakes. This fear causes them to make mistakes again. Talk to them about the mistakes and find a suitable solution for not repeating them.


Gathered by: Sarah Masoumi, Educational Psychologist


Aug 23, 2021
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