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How To Build an Eager Lifelong Learner

One of the most important tools you can build in your child is the ability to become a lifelong learner: to learn something new wherever they go and in whatever they do. As a parent try to fit learning experiences into your regular activities to promote a lifelong learner as your child grows into adulthood. It doesn’t have to take as much time or planning as you may think. These activities do not have to add stress to your already stressful day, rather look at these as occasions to bond with your child in ways you may not have thought of before.


Think of daily activities that you can use to build up some lifelong learner experiences: How about when you’re cooking dinner? You can allow your child to help and have him learn to read a recipe and/or use his math skills to double the recipe. Maybe you have him figure out how much of a batch to make for the number of people you are feeding.
You could also take a walk, and as you’re strolling, talk about nature. Point out trees and flowers and insects and animals. Have him track how far you’ve walked. Explain to him how street signs work.
Or perhaps when you watch a movie together you can discuss the plot. The best way to do this is to ask him to explain things to YOU. When children explain the things they already know, they are using their brains in a different way than when simply listening. By completing some of these activities regularly, you are helping to build a lifelong learner. Your child will thrive from your enthusiasm, too, so be sure to show him how exciting it can be to learn new things.


Oct 4, 2021
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