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Understand mothers

Mothers are the most important pillars of the family and influence all members of the family with their important role. Children 's awareness of the mother' s position helps them perform their duties towards the mother well.
From the moment the role of a woman is intertwined with the role of a mother, a heavy responsibility is bestowed on mothers and she sacrifices her soul, body, and life. However, mothers are also human beings. The mother has the right to be tired, to feel frustrated and to express her negative feelings at some point. So, she should be helped in fulfilling her responsibilities; the less she is harmed and broken, the more others can benefit from her existence and presence.


Mothers may have given up many of their natural desires without expecting anything in return from their children. As soon as you appreciate her, it strengthens her heart. A happy mother is necessary for a healthy family. When a mother consciously accepts her responsibilities, she can create a happy atmosphere in the home environment. Awareness of roles and responsibilities increases desire, so she plays a motherly role with less stress. If the mother is happy, she makes the home environment so warm and pleasant that the children can grow up in a suitable environment. But if the mother is sad, the other members will not reach sufficient growth and excellence, and the mother's depression will plunge the family into grief more than anything else.
Four types of rest that the mother needs:
1. Physical rest such as:
Performing stretching movements & sport
enough sleep
to take a deep breath
2. Mental rest such as:
Spending time in nature
Putting technology aside for a short time
Doing desired activities
Listening to soothing music
Reviewing other people's useful experiences or recalling happy memories
3. Social rest such as:
Spending more time with people who understand them
Spending less time with people who do not feel well
Enjoying alone time
4. Emotional rest such as:
Keeping notes of daily feelings
Performing desired activities
Spending time with trusted people
Setting boundaries for yourself
Since the mother is one of the most important foundations of the family and plays an important role in influencing all family members. Children 's awareness of the mother's position helps them perform their duties towards their mother well and to understand their mother.


By Dr. Zahra Eftekhari 

Oct 19, 2021
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